ZERO All Natural Sweetener - 6-1LB. BAGS

ZERO All Natural Sweetener 6-1 lb. bags - SWEET & FRIENDLY
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100% natural erythritol is nature’s zero calorie, zero net carbohydrate sweetener. Erythritol looks like sugar, bakes like sugar and has 70% of the sweetness of sugar. Eyrthritol is gluten free and derived from non-gmo corn. 100% natural erythritol is zero on the glycemic index making it diabetic friendly and suitable for anybody wishing to replace sugar with a natural healthy sweetener. * Pure, Non-GMO, vegan and keto appoved * Pleasant-Tasting Natural Sweetener * Great for Reduced-Calorie and Sugar-Free Recipes * Low Glycemic Impact * Zero-calorie and Naturally Sweet * Safe for Diabetics (on advice of a physician) * Sugar-free and Aspartame-free * 6-1 LB. BAGS
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