Morning Rescue - Bailout Shots - 12-2z btls. - $3.75 per SHOT

Morning Rescue - Bailout Shots - 12-2z btls.
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ONE SHOT TO FIX WHAT ALL THE OTHER SHOT DID - Forget the hair-of-the-dog and half-pound burritos, our hangover shot is way more legit than some old wives tale. Every two-ounce bottle is packed with simple, clean, 100% organic ingredients that will put you back on the wagon. Expect refreshing mint, juicy pear, and ginger on your tastebuds, plus an expert blend of fruits, B vitamins, and herbs to help you feel hydrated, soothe a rowdy stomach, and shake o# those shakes. You’ll be feeling like last night was a pretty good decision in no time. - Ingredients Mint Tea*, Ginseng* (500 mg)*, White willow bark extract (240 mg), Hovenia Dulcis [Japanese raisin tree extract (part of the plant)] (200 mg), Milk thistle* (Tea) (12 g), Banana juice*, Prickly pear juice*, Lime juice*, Green apple juice*, Ginger*. *Organic - Directions Drink while pre-gaming, between drinks or the morning after. - 12-2z btls.
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