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TASTES INCREDIBLE WITH NO ADDED SUGAR: We don't add any processed sugars, sugar alcohols or artificial colors to our Mango Coconut Protein Bar. GLUTEN-FREE, DAIRY-FREE, NUT-FREE, EGG-FREE, SOY-FREE, SESAME-FREE: Free from top 9 allergens, but still taste incredible. WHOLE FOOD PROTEIN: Each bar has 15 g of whole food protein (no whey or soy) to keep you happy and full from the inside out NO ADDED SUGARS: We don't add any processed sugars. Just the dates, dried fruits and seeds. NUTRITIOUS VITAMINS AND MINERALS: 12+ superfoods – fruits, seeds and seed butter – for a convenient source of vitamins and minerals; Non-GMO and crafted in New York. Enjoy a bright, tropical taste, regardless of what the weather’s is doing. Each bite or these vegan protein bars gives you the light, airy taste of coconut punctuated by the sharp, tangy taste of mango for a snack worthy of the warmest vacations. These mango coconut vegan protein bars will give you that same pizzazz in a convenient munchy format. Whether you're prepping for a triathlon or just trying to get back in shape, you'll be thrilled with these delicious high protein bars. 15g of Protein (no whey or soy), Plant-based, free from the top 9 common allergens, 12+ superfoods in each bar, delicious and nutritious with no added sugar! A healthy, mouth watering snack without the guilt! We bring to together the uniqueness of thai taste and coconut to create Amrita Foods toasted coconut chips Mango flavor. The bold flavor and the aromatic mango will open a new dimension for your favorite snack. We carefully selected premium, perfectly-sized coconut that underwent standard, manufacturing process to achieve the coconut chips that taste mellow, full-flavored and rich in nutrients. Amrita Foods Mango Coconut High Protein Bars are good for your health. They are perfect as a snack or hearty Ingredient to any meal. Amrita Foods is family-run business since 2012! Our mission is to deliver delicious plant-based protein snacks that are free of the top 14 allergens- so that you and your family can snack worry free. We created this company based on the founders son’s journey with autism and now we do our part to pay it forward by hiring young adults with autism. 2 boxes 12 each total 24 bars
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