Good Gut - Bailout Shots - 12-2z btls. - $3.75 per SHOT

Good Gut - Bailout Shots - 12-2z btls.
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THAT'S NOT A RUMBLE, IT'S A CRY FOR HELP - That’s not butterflies in your stomach. If there’s quease to ease or just a desire to keep “things” running more smoothly, our Gut Health shot has the stomach to make it happen. Each two-ounce bottle is full of simple, clean, 100% organic ingredients that can help tame even the most tumultuous tummy. Delightfully tangy with a spicy kick, we’ve blended inflammation-soothing herbs you can see and topped it o# with good gut bacteria staples—apple cider vinegar and prebiotics. You’ll be trusting your gut again before you know it. - Ingredients Apple cider vinegar*, Lemon juice, Ginger*, Turmeric*, Green Apple Juice*, Black Pepper*, Garlic*, Cayenne*, Bacillus subtilis 2X109 CFUs*. *Organic - Directions Drink daily for the trustiest gut around. - 12-2z btls.
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